Reflect Table

This model is designed to be placed on the table. All the installation and mounting needed is to put the device on the table and connect power - and network cables before use.

Reflect Table model takes only 18 x 52 cm space on your table. There is no additional PC-box laying around to be hidden under the table or inside some cabin. Even traditional accessories, like keyboard and mouse are not needed nor provided to fully operate the device.

In addition to the slim and large display, FitVisio Reflect is sensationally quiet when running. There is no humming sound of the fan at all and thanks to silent fanless design, even the dust is not such a problem any more.



Reflect Kiosk 1

Kiosk models are designed to be used while standing. K1-model is light weight space saving mounting system, that can be fitted in a small space, even by the wall.

Adjustable mounting hight helps to find the best possible ergonomics for the user. Tilting and turning options enables placing the device where you want it - not where it could be fitted. Kiosk 1 model can be turned even up to +-25 degrees.

Kiosk 1 model is shipped with adjustable the table, where customers can easily place items from their hands, when using the device.


Reflect Kiosk 2

K2-model is a stand alone device. It is inteded to be used standing or with optional bar stool. Little table under the display helps user to place items in ones hand aside while using the device.

Reflect K2 comes with specialty - a totally customable front surface. The whole front surface plastic will be printed in full colours before the delivery. Any vision or theme can be realized, since even the software supports user interface themes.

These customizable features truly enable unrivelled branding possibilities, advertisement selling and even exciting sponsor contracts.

Should you need any help in branding or graphics, FitVisio can also provide you the resources you may need.